Monday, January 19, 2009




Inaugural post! I'm making a blog here, for some of my artstuff. Mostly digital since that's the easiest to put up. I'm hoping having a place to put it will motivate me a bit to finish the odd pieces of art I start and this will be the dumping ground for those.

So here is a thing I drew today. This kind of fudgy creature is the subject matter I default to. Not sure where I got the habit but it certainly has some kind of hold on my subconscious. It's based on an old drawing in my notebook, which I drew after having a nightmare. This guy wasn't in the nightmare, he just reminds me of something that was. If you're wondering, that neck brace thing is to replace where bits of his shell have fallen off. The gesture is because he's explaining something.

I feel a great deal of uncertainty when I draw, even something goofy like this, every line feels wrong. One nice thing is that, not being a human being, I don't agonize so much over things like hands. I should anyway, I'll learn eventually.